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Realloaded: Welcome to media home of entertainment
Chris whyze: Its my pleasure to be here with you today
Realloaded: To your fanz out there could you please tell them your name
Chriswhyze: I’m Atofolaki Williams Olushola popularly known as Chris Whyze
Realloaded: We know you as an artist but there’s something else behind this,please who is Chris whyze and which state are you from
Chriswhyze: Well, Chris Whyze is just a normal human being like other people out there, the only thing behind me is God, after that, nothing else, I’m from Idofin Igbanna, oke ero local government of Kwara state.
Realloaded: We listened to some of your tracks from Pamilayo to Denba dance and the recent released feature YCEE.. So how did you get this dope jam done
Chriswhyze: Ooh, well, its God grace, it has not been easy doing music all alone, but all I can say is God Grace
Realloaded: Wow!! What job have you done other than been an artist
Chris whyze: Well, for now I’m a student undergraduate
Realloaded: We heard rumors about your Album listening party, is this true or false
Chris whyze: Album?? I’m not dropping an album for now, just working on my next Single, Titled Finally produced by former alapomeji producer “Cheepho” and it should be out in couple of weeks
Realloaded: Wow!!! Can you tell us the inspiration behind the coming hit track
Chris whyze: Finally is just a song I did for my people out there to enjoy the different of me, its different from the other songs I have been dropping so far, and I can say its one of my best effort so far, its speak about good life.
Realloaded: What is your most embarrassing moment and where?
Chris whyze: Lol…I think it was a day I trekked from studio at agbado ijaye down to ikotun, it wasn’t a good experience for me, I can’t still take the experience off my head…but its all good
Realloaded: Who inspired you
Chris whyze: I would say I look up to so many Artistes in the industry, the like Brymo, 9ice, 2face and others that are doing great music
Realloaded: What are the likes and dislikes about being an artist
Chris whyze: I dont like the way people treat upcoming artists, but I understand the fact that u have to pass through lots of things before u get there, and secondly I don’t like people views over been an artist, people think if u are an artist, u are womanizer and u are drug addict, its not all artist
Chris whyze: I love it been an artist, the fact that I derived joy from singing is what I love most.
Realloaded: Tell us exact date month year your fans should be expecting the great coming track from you and time


Chris whyze: I cant say particular date, but before the end of this month, everything is ready just have to look into some things
Chris whyze: Finally is the tittle of the song
Realloaded: What Advice do you have for upcoming artist out there
Chris whyze: Well, i will like to advice my fellow artist out there to keep their head straight and know what they are doing, humbleness is one of the key.
Realloaded: OK… Thanks for coming here today hope if we call you next time you won’t hesitate to branch us
Chris whyze: You welcome, its my pleasure to spend the little time with you
Twitter&Instagram : @Chriswhyzemusic
FB page : Chris Whyze Williano fans page

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