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We as a Brand that has a name to protect, We have decided to list out the NIGGAZMP3 time Admins and How you can Contact them.

NOTE:- Anyone not listed here does not work with NIGGAZMP3 or have anything to do with NIGGAZMP3. Ignore any Parading themselves on Facebook, Twitter, BBM, WhatsApp.. Contact NIGGAZMP3 and its Staff with contact details listed here.

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Meet the Niggazmp3 Admins
Horlarwhaley Showndey (WDesign) | C.EO/Founder


A young Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, 21st century computer/IT guru , a potential physics engineer and most of all a social media, music and entertainment Enthusiast, all this Pacesetter of the NEWMEDIA in Nigeria, so passionate about meeting the needs of many as little as possible which gave birth to the Brand #NIGGAZMP3.
Proffering solutions and satisfying the online needs of Nigerians home and abroad and the rest of the world, ensuring they get and Informed, Educated and Entertained.
Tel:- 07030436454

Kanu Kayflex a.k.a HeadBoi | (Brand Manager/Publicist Niggazmp3)
An embodiment of skills and talent all in one young personality. A certified Public relations practitioner, trained Journalist/Broadcaster, an artiste, A&R ,PR/Media consultant, Social Media Addict, it’s sure safe to say he is 100/% media and Entertainment.
Also prolific Writer, Music/Entertainment expert with an Experience of over half a decade, and this has no doubt describe his persona in totality.
He is referred by many as the skillful one with that million dollar idea or concept as well as marketing and selling it to the world..
He Tweets @Kanukayflex
Telephone:- You can Request by Sending him a Mail.

Bello Babatunde a.k.a DJ Montana (Content manager/Niggazmp3)
A seasoned writer and trained journalist/Broadcaster with embodiment of Mass communication skills and knowledge, his professionalism in process of news gathering and dissemination specifically the Online media is no doubt a phenomena, he is also One of the youngest Public relations officer with practical experience, a social media Analyst/strategist.
Who’s perfect touch to any project is always resourceful and in turn becomes a plus and never a minus with a spontaneous result, and official Dj of the so called Blog NIGGAZMP3
He Tweets @djmontana
Telephone:- You can Request by Sending him a Mail.


—— a.k.a Icezey (Author)
A Young and Vibrant Art who knows how to Engage the Fun loving Blog Readers He just joined us here few day ago, he is well to make the blog up off the world, he is hot in all
He Tweets @Icezey